Skills assessment: How TeamRH can support you.

May 23, 2020 11:29 am Published by TeamRH

Want a change or career development? Or to do something else entirely? You’re not the only one to want to change professional life. You’re one of thousands. The skills assessment is often recommended in order to define a precise and feasible professional project. Our team of consultants at TeamRH offers you even more, putting all our expertise as a recruitment specialist to the service of your future.

Carried out during or outside of work hours, the traditional skills assessment takes place in an agreed organisation of your choice, in complete confidentiality. As an employee, you can decide to carry out a skills assessment freely. You do not need to inform your employer if you decide to carry out this assessment outside of your work hours. In this case, no minimum duration of employment is required to obtain an absence for your skills assessment from your current employer. The cost of the skills assessment varies generally between €1,500 and €4,000 excluding Tax. And although financial solutions are offered to you, they are not automatic. The skills assessment lasts between 15 and 24 hours, with several sessions spread across 2 to 4 months.

TeamRH, recruitment company specialised in the legal and financial sectors, has developed methods and an expertise in supporting candidates since 2002, allowing them to prove themselves and to find all the fulfilment and professional success they deserve.

Like a traditional skills assessment, our approach and our support take place over a variable period depending on the candidate’s professional development project. This change may therefore drive a partial or total professional career change, the candidate taking responsibilities in their current job, an enlargement of the scope of activity or a simple questioning of their professional future.

Our assessment is split into 3 stages. There is also a 4th stage, the coaching phase, that the candidate is free to follow or not:

The individual interview

We arrange a meeting with the candidate, according to their availabilities in order to facilitate flexibility as much as possible. The first individual interview takes place at our office or by video-conference if the candidate requests it. This first meeting is very important for us, just as it is for the candidate. The objective here is to discuss with the candidate, define their needs and understand the reasons behind the desire to change. It is therefore essential for the candidate to ask themselves the right questions so that we can support them in this way. We then present to them the conditions of the TeamRH assessment, the objectives as well as the indicators of success for the assessment.

This phase of exchanges allows the consultant to create a first image of the candidate’s profile and expectations, to raise questions, and to confirm the candidate’s commitment to the process. It allows the candidate on their side to establish a bond of trust with the consultant, real support in their quest for progression and the search of their ideal job.

The investigation phase

The objective of the investigation phase is to analyse the candidate’s personal and professional motivation, the aptitude of the latter, as well as their centres of interests. Here, the candidate will be asked to review their academic and professional career, and to highlight their ways of working, their motivation, their skills and expertise.

At this stage of the skills assessment, we suggest and equally make personality tests, vocational orientation tests, or language tests available to our candidates, to certify that the candidate has mastered the language, or what level they are at, etc.

In order for this to be successfully carried out, and therefore effective, this phase of the skills assessment will require great physical and intellectual availability from the candidate.

Submission of a summary document

At this stage of the assessment, we send the candidate a document. This will go over their project and suggest the envisaged steps of how it can be implemented. It will cover the factors likely to impact the achievement of their professional project and potentially their training project. We then suggest a plan of action to implement their project.

But contrary to traditional skills assessments, we don’t leave the candidate out in the wild after the assessment. We continue to support them so that they can achieve their new goals.

Here is where the 4th stage starts, our phase of coaching the candidate post-assessment. This stage is not compulsory but necessary and highly recommended if the candidate wishes this assessment to be the basis of a real change, rather than a simple document that doesn’t get followed up. We are at your disposal to respond to all your questions and to support you in your skills assessment.


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