Frequently Asked Questions

We have summarised and answered the questions most frequently asked by our clients and candidats. Can’t find your question? Do not hesitate to contact us.


How do I apply?

To apply, please fill in our online form or send us your CV via email to jobs[at], remembering to reference the ad.

Do I need to send my CV as well as a cover letter for my application to be looked at?

No, sending a cover letter alongside your CV is not mandatory. Upon receiving a CV, the application is considered. However, presenting a well written cover letter is always an advantage. It allows us to see your research and if your application is atypical. It emphasises motivation for said role (if the letter is tailored). It suffises to say, these 2 documents should be produced with great attention to detail. Don’t hesitate to have it read over.

Which email address should I send my file
(CV + cover letter) to?

If you haven’t already sent your CV and/or cover letter via our website, please send it to the following email address: jobs[at]

Should I send my file for every job role that interests me?

No, you do not need to send an application for every job role. The consultants at TeamRH will study your file with great detail and will not hesitate to contact you if any jobs suit your profile/ education/ experience. It is then up to you to pursue the recruitment process or not.

May I come to the TeamRH office to hand in my application?

Yes, our office is open from 9:30-13 / 14-18 Monday to Thursday and from 10-13/14-17 on Fridays. However, consultants at TeamRH can only see you by appointment.

Who looks at my application once I have applied online?

Once your CV and/or cover letter has been sent, it is looked at by our research consultant. If needs be, the consultant responsible for the job role will look at your application.

How long will it take for my application to be looked at?

Your application will be looked at within 48 hours. You will be sent a reply, either positive or negative. If that has not been the case, you can contact us at 01 42 33 26 12.

What is your internal recruitment process?

Once your application has passed the first phase of pre-selection, a telephone interview will be organised with the consultant in charge of the job role. Following on from that, a face-to-face meeting will be organised at our office. The face-to-face interview allows our consultants to go over the finer details of your career, to ensure your motivation for the job and to respond to any eventual questions.

Is my application kept on file?

Once a face to face interview has been held in our office; your CV and/or cover letter are systematically kept on our internal database.

This allows consultants to subsequently contact you if a role suits your profile/ education/ experience. It is then up to you to go through with the recruitment process. The law allows you to object to us keeping your application on file.

What happens after my file is presented to a client?

Following a face-to-face interview with one of our consultants, your file is presented to our client, who then comes back to us, within a reasonable amount of time, regarding their opinion of your file.

TeamRH tries to make sure this step is done as quickly as possible. If the client’s response is negative; the consultants make sure that it is justified.

Is there follow-up with my application?

Yes, the consultants at TeamRH follow-up throughout the recruitment process, from the face-to-face interview through to your integration. Please do not hesitate to solicit advice.

Can I benefit from specialised advice?

The consultants at TeamRH benefit from legal training and are qualified to give you advice on certain matters. Even though TeamRH is not a career advice bureau, we do offer Career & Life Coaching.

I am not looking for work in TeamRH’s domain. What should I do?

TeamRH specialises in the legal sector and therefore will not necessarily be the best match for your recruitment needs in other fields. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you are in doubt. Please bear in mind that TeamRH will do everything they can to provide you with a solution.

Is TeamRH a free service?

TeamRH works on a research mandate basis, which establishes a link between the consultant and the client. Candidates do not have any fees to pay.

What is the difference between a recruitment company and an interim employment agency?

TeamRH enrols candidates looking for permanent positions only. Its register consists of long term roles (CDI). TeamRH is not in a position to respond to temporary job searches. However, we do deal with CDD (fixed term contracts), which we can help you with.

Can I object to giving references?

Yes, the law allows you to oppose giving any references. Know that you should be contacted regarding any reference checking. In order to present a complete application; you can equally talk to the consultant you dealt with in regards to all necessary documentations.