Which sectors are hiring in the legal industry?

October 21, 2021 10:34 am Published by TeamRH

Thanks to a revived momentum since March 2021, the legal industry is still as popular as ever. Whether it is in established sectors, which are tending to become more and more sought-after, or in new legal sectors which are at ease with advanced technology and new concepts, new opportunities are emerging.

Traditional legal sectors

Lawyers and all other legal professionals have noticed, and definitely felt, that corporate law is becoming more and more popular. Despite lawyers with general backgrounds remaining the majority by 53%, in the past 4 years specialist lawyers have been on the rise by 3% (2020 Study by Village de la Justice). Contract law is considered the most common speciality by 13%. Recruiters are also observing a resurge of interest in legal positions within corporations. Corporation lawyers, real estate lawyers, lawyers in employment law and insurance law or a position of legal management are amongst the specialities in demand. Companies are continuing to recruit on a large scale and candidates are looking for work.

In recent months, it has been observed that in the legal industry law firms have recruited on a mass scale to cope with the influx of work post-Covid. Employment law, insurance law, tax law, and even litigation law is emerging as highly promising sectors, particularly employment law due to a surge of activity in since 2019. Internship offers within law firms are also experiencing a resurgence.

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New jobs that require both legal and digital skills

There is an increasing need for corporate lawyers to develop digital skills. New professions are entering the work place, among them include:

Legal design lawyer

The responsibility of a legal design lawyer is to simplify the law and make it accessible for everyone by combining both legal and technical expertise. More and more companies require these services to interpret and simplify legal contacts. So, how can you come a legal design lawyer? Be advised that there is no specific training. The best course of action would be to complete a law course, and have strong interest in legal design. A legal design lawyer can aim to earn at least 36, 000 euros a month.

Data protection lawyer

Data protection law is another thriving sector in the industry. Data protection lawyers are nothing more than a ‘gatekeeper’ of companies’ data. A legal expert in data protection is considered essential as they have the task of managing and protecting companies’ data. Their main responsibility is to familiarise and teach employees about the regulations in force to protect their data. There are already training courses in place for a data protection position, such as the Bureau Veritas or DU at the   Panthéon-Assas University in Paris. The base salary is 40, 000 euros a year and can rise quickly based on the specific responsibilities given to each individual legal expert.

Technology lawyer

Finally, a technology lawyer plays a crucial role in legal technology, assisting, for example, start-ups and companies that are trying to bring innovation to the legal industry. A technology lawyer consequently has a dual function by using both their legal and IT skills as their responsibilities will include creating digital tools to produce legal documents. A technology lawyer must therefore be able to develop and design algorithms. Unfortunately, there is not a qualification in technology law. The best option is to have both a legal qualification and a talent for coding. The salary for a junior legal expert in technology is 40, 000 euros a year.

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