TeamRH is a signatory of the Diversity Charter . All stages of the recruitment process, which are detailed below, respect the agreements of the Charter.

What is the recruitment process?

Recruitment process 1
  • Define the job role with the client
  • Define the candidate profile with the client
  • Define the means of research
Recruitment process 2
  • Headhunting
  • Selecting the candidates
  • Telephone interviews
Recruitment process 3
  • Evaluation of linguistic skills
  • Evaluation of technical skills
  • In-depth candidate-consultant interview
  • A meeting between the client and the candidate
  • Verifying candidates references
  • Advice and follow-up with candidates
  • Facilitate the integration of candidates to their new workplace

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TeamRH, a recruitment firm in Paris, is a leading player in the legal and financial sector. We work with a national and international clientele, helping them to strive for a top performance. Our consultants benefit from an extensive knowledge of the market and of legal professions in order to better understand their task. We also offer Career & Life Coaching sessions (stress, demotivation, professional strategies to handle burn out).

recruitment process