Clerk, formalist, negotiator: Who are notary firms hiring today?

December 2, 2021 9:30 am Published by TeamRH

Clerk, formalist, negotiator: Who are notary firms hiring today?

When Emmanuel Macron was Minister for the Economy in 2015, he provided everyone access to the notary profession and put an end to the nepotistic “Father to Son and grandson” tradition. This reform was not unanimous in the profession, however. But in unblocking the numerus clauses of firms and establishing a lottery system among young notaries for opening of offices, it made new profiles emerge and was a breath of fresh air for the profession.

For more than 5 years, the profession has certainly diversified, democratized and feminized. Now more than ever, notaries need to incorporate new collaborators with very diverse and yet compatible profiles. Trades have therefore been able to emerge within the profession, at all levels of education.


At the end of the candidate’s studies (Master 2 in notarial studies or M1 in a notarial school), they begin as a trainee notary in a work-study program for 2 years in order to obtain a graduate diploma in notarial law (DSN). The next step is for the Minister of Justice to appoint the candidate as an assistant notary appointed (employee).

You can also become a private notary through inheritance, redemption of units or, since the 2015 reform, by a random draw.

The role of a notary is to authenticate documents (sale, inheritance, marriage, divorce, etc.). Their signature therefore gives the document legal value.

The route to access this function is a bac + 7 or 8 with 2 access routes: university (DSN) or a professional path in a ‘national training institute of notaries’ (INFN). At the start of their career, a novice salaried notary can claim 2400 gross euros per month. A confirmed associate notary can be earning close to 8,000 euros per month.


A notary clerk works in close collaboration with the notary, and they have the most contact with clients. The notary clerk prepares client files. This requires carrying out the necessary research, gathering the documents and information essential to the file. They draft the acts (sale contracts, inheritance, etc.) in a rigorous and technical manner which will then be certified by the notary. They then monitor and keep track of the files.

A bac + 4, Institut des Métiers du Notariat (IMN), diploma in notarial professions, with potential to become a notary with a Master 1 in law and via a regional vocational training center or via internal promotion after 6 or 9 minimum years in necessary for this role.

At the start of their career, a start-up notary’s clerk can claim 2,000 euros gross per month. A confirmed clerk will receive a salary of 4000 euros per month.


A formalist, or even a formalities clerk, has a fundamental role within a notary office. Indeed, their role is to handover signed documents to various administrations.

Their responsibilities consist of collecting administrative documents, checking the content of acts, completing the formalities for filing notarial deeds with administrative stakeholders, carrying out land registration during real estate sales.

This requires a lot of accuracy and consistency from formalists because there are a lot of legal deadlines to respect.

There are many qualities required to be a formalities clerk. You have to have to have a good analytical mind whilst being observant, rigorous and discrete. Indeed, you are bound by professional secrecy.

The necessary qualifications for a formalist role is a 2-year training course followed by the BTS notary (a two-year technical degree in notarial studies). At the start of their career, a formalist can earn 2,000 euros gross monthly. By end of career, their gross monthly salary increases to approximately 3,500 euros.


The account / taxation officer in a notarial firm is the mathematician expert within in the legal environment. They are responsible for the financial management of the notarial firm and organize the invoicing for notarial acts and services. This accounting position assists both the human resources department and the firm’s financial director.

A qualification of Bac +2 years followed by the BTS in accounting (a two-year technical degree in accounting studies) is required for this position. In early in his career, a candidate can claim 2400 euros gross monthly. An experienced candidate will be able to claim a gross monthly salary of 4000 euros


The firm’s secretary is the clientele’s first point of contact. Their role is therefore very important. A good understanding of the profession is essential. Their main responsibilities are to welcome the firm’s clients, take calls, manage the firm’s timetable, to file and, sometimes, to open files.

Securing this position requires a baccalaureate (A-levels), on-the-job learning or secretarial studies, coupled with a specialized degree (legal secretary university degree). At the start of their career, a candidate can earn up to 1,700 euros gross per month. At the end of their career, they can claim a gross monthly salary of 3000 euros.


A real estate negotiator is in charge of the sale and rental of real estate at within the notarial firm. They act as the middleman between buyers and sellers. They evaluate a property’s value, manage advertising, lead visits during the sale and the inventory of fixtures during the rental of a property. They deliver accurate information concerning the market, the terms of acquisition, the financing and the formalities necessary to customers, buyer or sellers for the transfer of ownership.

The requirements for this position is a bac level qualification (A-levels) then 2 years at the National Institute notarial training (INFN), or in a specialized college. At the start of a career as a real estate negotiator, you can earn at least 2,000 euros gross per month.

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