Coaching a solution to accompany your professional development

December 6, 2022 4:04 pm Published by TeamRH

Coaching, a solution to accompany your professional development

Enlisting a coach seems to have become a new norm, a trend during the last few years. Coaching is indeed sometimes seen as an ideal solution to respond to problems in both your personal and professional life. However, if calling a coach does in fact lead you to making progress and fulfilment, it must be done wisely and it is important to enlist the right professional who is capable of offering the most pertinent answers.

Working life is not just based on hard skills

If making progress in a professional career is truly based on know-how, professional or transferable skills and opportunities that open, that is not always enough. In order to develop, it is necessary to convince recruiters, who are also individuals and do not always work on a rational basis. The attitudes and postures of the candidates, as well as their body language, are also important. But it is especially necessary to work on your interpersonal skills: the famous soft skills whose meaning is sometimes altered. It is on this point that TeamRH brings solutions to those whose are looking to give a new impetus to their career, looking for an internal promotion or to change company.

An interdisciplinary vision based on recruitment expertise

“Coaches often have a vision of an HR Manager” says Julie-Isabelle Binon, coach and founder of the specialist recruitment firm TeamRH. This vision does not account for the issues at stake or the problems faced by the candidates. What’s more, certain skills are not properly considered, like management, which is not just limited to leadership in its traditional sense. It is in response to this need for a change in perspective that TeamRH had the idea of coaching, which also came from candidates’ requests. TeamRH also brings its knowledge of the recruitment issues faced in the professional services industry. Coaching sessions, in person or remote, enable candidates to really work on themselves; most often they take place on Sunday to avoid any stress that could pollute the experience and they extend over multiple sessions to facilitate a real reflection.

An approach founded on introspection and experience

Turning towards a coach is sometimes seen as a solution to all problems. However, the first job of a coach is not so much to formulate the answers but to push the person who they are working with to ask the right questions. What’s more, many coaches only have theoretical experience of the questions they deal with, which can be problematic. Julie-Isabelle Binon is certain: “To offer solutions to the people with whom I work, I draw on my experience. For example, I have created four businesses, which enables me to concretely grasp the problems of entrepreneurship and to best accompany those who enlist TeamRH with this project. Indeed, the profession of a coach is much more about becoming aware of the issues they face and to lead them to their own solutions rather than bringing advice”.