Hello to the year 2023

January 31, 2023 5:06 pm Published by TeamRH

We are saying “Goodbye to the year 2022 and hello to the year 2023”.

Many things have happened this year, happy moments, sad moments…

400 years since the birth of Molière have passed.

The election of the 12th President of the 5th Republic.

Notable deaths – her royal highness the Queen, number 10 of the Seleçao team, our dear presenter of the 1 O’clock news on TF1, a prestigious filmmaker, a party Queen,  a French racing car driver, a Pope, a very punk British fashion designer, a Soviet statesman and many others. RIP.

With many births. 723 000 babies were born in France.

With events linked to climate change like the forest fires in Gironde.

With a world cup where the French team kept us on tenterhooks right up to the final moments.

And naturally with the recruitment of 72 lawyers, partners, notary assistants, salaried notaries, accountants, assistants, legal advisors, patent engineers and patent assistants !!!

I wish you a happy 2023 with many new projects to our candidates, current and future clients and to the whole TeamRH team – Mahatsara, Peggy, Sarah, Aimé, Steefen, Lucy, Sumei, Thomas, and especially to Zoé who is leaving us to take the magistrature exam in June 2023.


“Hello to the year 2023”