Recruitment : How to give the candidate an unforgettable experience

March 9, 2020 11:43 am Published by TeamRH

It is not easy to catch the candidate’s attention. Businesses that understand the significance of this step often go the extra mile to double their efforts and their imagination, ensuring that the first contact with the candidate is a positive one. As such, the effects of an excellent recruitment process can be more than positive throughout the hiring process. On the other hand, a negative experience will damage the reputation of your business, penalizing you at the search for candidates. Here are some of our tips on how to ensure that you don’t neglect this step.

Having a rigorous and effective process in place is the first ingredient to a successful recruitment. Highly qualified recruiters will ensure that every interaction with the candidate is as positive as possible. If you yourself are also looking to improve your recruitment experience, we suggest that you try some of these techniques:

  1. Have fun!

What a good way to start. You have to make sure that each phase of the recruitment is fun for you, as well as for the candidates who could be interested in joining your company. Don’t be scared to think outside the box and showcase your team and your culture.


  1. Make things happen.

Don’t be nonchalant, and instead, be proactive throughout the recruitment process. Keep the experience fluid for the candidate and equally inform them of how long it’s going to take. Give them an overview of every step of the process. Effectively, for certain businesses, a recruitment process can sometimes go on for several weeks. It is good to let the candidate know this, as they, on the other hand, may also have other ongoing processes with other businesses.


  1. Provide regular updates.

Communicate regularly. Long periods of silence will only damage your employment brand. The risk here is that the candidate forgets you and moves on to something else. At TeamRH, our rule is a response within 48 hours. Following an interview, the candidate needs to know as soon as possible whether they are still involved in the recruitment process, with the eventual aim being another interview, or even better being hired. Or whether, on the other hand, their application has not been successful.


  1. Be available and punctual.

Always make sure that a member of the team is available to respond to questions or messages that the candidate could leave you over the course of the recruitment. They will sometimes be looking for a human connection during the application process, so it is vital that you offer them this. Avoid automatic and pre-recorded responses.


  1. Give the candidate an idea of what is to come in terms of your business’ culture.

Instead of carrying out a traditional interview in a room specifically for this purpose, or for meetings with clients, invite the candidate to your office to discover a part of the business. Effectively, offices say a lot about the people who work there, the atmosphere and the team spirit itself. Give them an insight of what it would be like to work with you, and let them decide if they like what they see.


  1. Be respectful.

The search for a job is difficult and stressful for the candidate. Always treat them with respect, value their time and use a fair selection process.


  1. Set a good example.

A great recruitment experience needs a leader. Someone who will champion the process and encourage all members of the organization to get involved. If that’s you or your recruitment team, lead by example and show your positivity throughout the process.


  1. Welcome them in a unique way.

The recruitment experience doesn’t end once the job offer has been received or the recruitment company has been mandated. It continues up until the integration of the candidate into your team. Try to find a funny or original way to introduce the candidate that has been hired. Involve your team and show that the new recruit that everyone is delighted that they have joined them.


Keep in mind that a successful recruitment experience, for you but especially for the candidate, is directly linked to your employment brand, one of your best weapons to attract top candidates into your business.


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