Nodaiwa! A delicious surprise for an audacious and curious client!

November 4, 2019 12:13 pm Published by TeamRH

A total change of scene: a soft landing in Japan, but in the heart of the city of Paris, a place where eel is the dish of the day, every day!

At first, we were a little sceptical, perhaps even frightened of the idea of visiting a restaurant which only serves eel (or Unagi). We had many prejudices – we imagined an evil-looking, slimy snake with a texture known to be very chewy. But as we had been invited, we decided to go and take on the challenge!

Mission accomplished – we were pleasantly surprised by this venture. We ate and we were whisked away; a total change of scene which we thoroughly recommend.

The décor is simple, but calm and appeasing, truly a rare find in Paris. We were seated at a small table, and while we made our choice, we could rub and clean our hands with a little hot towel; here, the service is of a high quality and the client is king.

As for the presentation, all of the traditional Japanese techniques are employed with expertise. We had a choice of many different menus: grilled eel with or without sauce but also a range of portions according to appetite (between 130 and 410g!!!).

The bottom line: the eel was tested and approved, but we need to go back to rediscover it in all of its culinary forms, and bring a Japanese friend with us, as a reminder of their home country.



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