Employee referral: How TeamRH rewards you.

June 23, 2020 11:21 am Published by TeamRH

Equally called ‘participatory recruitment’ or ‘sponsorship’, employee referral is a method of recruitment consisting of recommending a person from your network for a proposed position. At TeamRH, we have decided to implement this employee referral process by collaborating with our candidates.

At TeamRH, Parisian recruitment company specialised in the legal and financial sectors, we like to present the best candidates to our dear clients. And we are very often looking for new profiles with such and such specialisation, or such and such experience. So, we thought that collaborating directly with our candidates or people within our network, in using the employee referral process, could equally be a good opportunity to find the right profile.

Employee referral also allows partners of a law firm, employees of a notary’s office or even a company to identify and send across profiles that could correspond to the needs of some of our clients. In general, employee referral takes place within the company. Employees propose to their employer a profile that could meet the business’ current or future need. Here, we are proposing to our ‘candidates’ to suggest profiles to us, to our recruiters, of people who they know that are in the market and could meet the need of one of our clients.

To understand our needs, you can refer directly to our offers, published on our website or regularly on our LinkedIn page. Do you know someone who is looking for a new opportunity who is looking for a new opportunity in the legal, tax or even accounting? Don’t wait any longer to get in contact with us and to send us their profile. We may have an offer that corresponds to their expectations.

We know that this practice is not new and has already proven itself. It appears indeed that employee referral is a relatively conclusive practice in terms of efficiency and insight because everyone benefits from it. In addition, no one will question their credibility by presenting a profile that they don’t think will be able to do the job.

But what do you, employee referrer, have to gain?

First of all, there is the satisfaction of having helped someone close to you. But not only this. If the recruitment goes well, and the person recommended is therefore placed with our client through us, and thanks to employee referral, the person who presented the profile is rewarded by TeamRH. Gift cards will be offered, ranging from 20 to 200€ depending on the type of placement. It would be a shame to miss out!

How does it work?

Simply get into contact with us directly via our inbox. Detail the subject as ‘Referral of candidate Mr or Mrs X/Indicate the reference number of the offer if you are presenting a candidate in response to an offer’. Be sure to attach the CV or simply a link towards the LinkedIn page of the profile presented. Let’s go!


About TeamRH :

TeamRH is a Recruitment Company located in Paris. It is a crucial player in the legal and financial sector. We provide services for our national and international clients, aligning ourselves with their pursuit of excellence.

Another of our defining features is that we attach a great importance to each candidate’s soft skills, or interpersonal skills, with the aim to offer them, as well as our clients, the best candidate/business match possible. Therefore, when sending us your CV, do not hesitate to mention anything which can demonstrate who you are, as well as your technical skills and work experience.

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Our firm has also developed specific skills throughout its existence, which are made available to clients. If you need to be advised, guided or coached on one of the vital segments in order for your business to run smoothly, we can equally help you or provide you with our expertise in this new project. Get in contact!