Chicky: Your Sunday Roast Chicken… every day of the week!

September 11, 2019 12:26 pm Published by TeamRH

How can you beat the restaurant industry competition in a lively Parisian quarter like ‘Opéra’? By standing out from the crowd!

This is what Eliot Zerbib has managed to do.

Trained in a hospitality school of the highest prestige, this young entrepreneur has managed to charm us with a foolproof method:

  • The product: Chicken, which everyone loves (no more long-winded arguments with your colleagues about what to eat…). A range of options are available: roasted or marinated, half or full, chicken salad, sandwich or on toast. You can also pick your sauce and side: fries, sweet potato mash, sweetcorn, mushroom or chestnut sauce, etc.
  • The trend: ‘Chicky’ demonstrates the same expertise found in French rotisseries and their homemade dishes. A special mention must go to the desserts of the day. And to top it all off, a modern and welcoming decor (neon signs, large solid wooden tables, and even a pinball machine!).
  • The origin: Free range chicken, ‘Label Rouge’, raised in the best possible conditions in Saint-Martin-des-Noyers in the Vendée department of France.

Whether it’s for lunch or dinner, to eat alone or with colleagues, to eat in or to take away, it’s tasty, simple and effective!

The dish can be ordered on its own or as part of a set menu, from 11-20 euros (for the shared ‘Maxi Chicky’ platter).

N.B: How about a partnership with an anti-food waste app? Eliot is strongly considering this possibility.


Chicky Parisian Roasted Chicken

8 Rue de Hanovre, 75002 Paris

01 40 17 05 39



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