Why should we call on specialised recruitment companies?

July 8, 2019 3:36 pm Published by TeamRH

Whether you are a candidate or a company, it is not always easy to obtain what you want. Recruitment companies, which are on the rise in the job market, are beneficial for both recruiters and candidates. Even more so when they are specialised in a particular job sector.

Every year, RegionsJob.com publishes its annual survey on tendencies within matters of recruitment and job searches. In 2018, 47% of businesses surveyed, who were recruiting, continued to trust in recruitment companies. The analysis is clear: the development of social media for businesses has not sidelined recruitment companies. So the answer to ‘Is there still a future for recruitment companies?’ is Yes! Let us tell you about their benefits for recruiters and candidates alike.

Recruitment companies: experts in helping businesses

Saving time:

No matter what you say about it, time is money!! And businesses know it more than anyone else. The search for a new profile can cost them a lot of time. Simply creating the job advertisement, choosing where to publish it, managing the applications, carefully considering CVs, getting into contact with candidates, evaluating their skills, motivation and personality, or the initial selecting of candidates before conducting interviews, etc.; recruitment is a time consuming task.

According to a recent satisfaction survey conducted by KPMG/CPME, the main problem for directors is quickly recruiting the colleagues they need to support their business’s development.

Also, for lack of sufficient skills internally, smaller companies make more use of recruitment companies (28% of companies with less than 100 employees as opposed to 22% for those with over 1000 employees).

On average, the use of recruitment companies allows for a 30% decrease in delays in the recruitment process, between the publishing of the job advertisement online and the candidate accepting the offer.

At TeamRH, in accordance with the profile which is sought by the business, both our expertise and our means of contacting candidates allow us to offer candidates who tick all of the business’s boxes in only a few weeks.

Therefore, the reliance on recruitment companies by businesses proves to be extremely beneficial for them, as a way of saving not only time, but also money. Especially when there is an urgent need to recruit a new employee. In this way, by putting your trust into a recruitment company, your business can continue to fully commit itself to its key goals.

Winning ‘The Talent Wars’:

In 1997, a study led by Steven Hankin, from McKinsey (a consultancy firm), entitled ‘The Talent Wars’ had anticipated that businesses would struggle more and more in recruiting and retaining the loyalty of their best employees. Well, Steven was right.

Indeed, the talent wars reached a record level in 2018. The job market is once again very appealing to candidates (lucky them!) who, henceforth, have a lot more options than in previous years. In certain sectors, employers’ needs are superior to the number of qualified candidates. Consequently, businesses face a major issue: the difficulty in recruiting their employees.

It is evident that the legal services job sector is not spared from this. Also, in order to target the best candidates, you must be able to surround yourself with specialised collaborators – recruitment companies – who are prepared to support the business in its search.

In this partnership, the recruitment company is equally able to recruit via a ‘direct approach’. This method, which is also known as ‘Headhunting’, consists of identifying and contacting a person who is already employed, is successful in their career and who is not publicly on the job market. In sum, a person who is happy in their job, who does not necessarily want to or is not ready to move, and who we will have to persuade that the post we are offering is great!

A direct approach consists of a precise methodology, which demands proactivity. This method requires a specific kind of expertise, which not all recruitment companies offer.

At TeamRH, we are increasingly working via a direct approach, which allows us to find the ideal candidate sought for by our clients.

More privacy:

Some businesses prefer to carry out the recruitment process whilst remaining private.

In this case, consulting a recruitment company can prove to be very useful. We respect our clients’ needs for privacy, even more so when we proceed via a direct approach, as in certain cases, no job advertisements will be published publicly.


Recruitment companies: the candidate’s ally in their job search.

Benefit from sound advice:

If a candidate sends their CV directly to a recruitment company specialised in their field of work, they will multiply their chances of finding employment. Recruitment consultants are also there to advise candidates on their job search and to share sometimes very useful recommendations (including how to create a good CV, advice on the candidate’s approach and career plans, the state of the job market, or specific recommendations according to the business that is recruiting).

As a recruitment company, we know our clients, as well as companies, law firms, notary offices, legal administration offices, etc., very well. We know exactly what they are (or are not) looking for.

Similarly, our company will direct the candidate towards roles which they are likely to get. No false hopes here.

We can also redirect the candidate towards roles which they may not have considered (for example, a lawyer becoming an in-house legal adviser or even a solicitor specializing in labour law for an administrative receiver, for the same salary).

Not all recruitment companies offer the same top-quality service. At TeamRH, we form a close relationship not only with our clients but also with our candidates.

Access to private offers:

Consulting recruitment companies will also allow the candidate who is actively looking for employment to have access to every single advertisement, even those that are not public, in line with the company’s confidentiality requirements.

Benefit from an influential intermediary:

As soon as the recruitment company presents a candidate’s profile to their client, their chances of receiving an initial interview increase. This becomes significant when you learn that only 18% of spontaneous applications lead to an interview (luck is certainly a factor here!), and only 36% of applications responding to a published advertisement, and therefore an existing need for employees, receive a response (positive or negative? That is the question).

Furthermore, when a business appoints a recruitment company, it trusts its service. If the latter presents the business with a candidate profile, it is because it is a good one. So, without a recruitment consultant, candidates find themselves with two problems: the first is quite simple and very common; their CV remains unread, or it is read very very quickly, in around 30 seconds. The second problem: when the CV has been read but the potential employer has their doubts or does not immediately see the relevant qualities that the candidate has for the job. This includes Soft Skills which do not feature on CVs but that we, as recruitment companies, will highlight when communicating with the business.

Finally, recruitment companies will save the candidate time in their search by keeping them up to date with opportunities that are likely to interest them.


So, candidates and businesses – why should you call on TeamRH, specialised Recruitment Company?

TeamRH is a Recruitment Company located in Paris. It is a crucial player in the legal and financial sector. We provide services for our national and international clients, aligning ourselves with their pursuit of excellence.

Our consultants are highly qualified in legal matters, allowing them to benefit from an in-depth knowledge of the profession as well as legal career opportunities, advantageous to both candidates and recruiters.

Furthermore, we invest all of our time into our candidates’ success in their job search, from the creation and sending of their CV, to the communication of their needs to the recruiter. Every CV is studied with utmost care. Very often, we contact candidates so that we can perfect their professional profile and understand their expectations.

To facilitate the candidate’s experience, we respond to them within 48 hours. We welcome candidates to our offices and adapt to their working hours, even if these do not always coincide with our opening hours. We are dedicated to our profession, and we have been since 2002.

From now on, we can be an ally in the success of your job search or your recruitment needs. Take a look at our current positions here. Apply today!