Negotiating your salary: How to get what you want!

May 8, 2020 11:31 am Published by TeamRH

Talking about money during an interview isn’t necessarily a very comfortable situation for most candidates. Bringing up the question of salary is often a source of stress and anxiety. In fact, we advise against doing so in the first interview. Especially when it relates to the value that you bring to the quality of your work. Here are a few ideas that could inspire you to correctly negotiate your salary.

As the saying goes, ‘If you don’t ask, you don’t get’. This also applies to pay. Thankfully, certain businesses know how to value their future employees by offering them a salary as high as, or higher than what is typical in the industry amongst the competition. But if this isn’t the case for you, what is about to follow can be very useful. Because, yes, you are amongst those who are going to have to take courage with both hands in order to negotiate your future salary.

How do you know your value in terms of professional skills? And whether what you have been offered is the right salary or inferior to what you could be attaining? And more importantly, how should you proceed to attain more than the salary offered if you think it is not enough?

Here is our small list of relevant ideas that we suggest that will allow you to carry out a value-added salary negotiation:

  • Be ready to support your request for a higher salary with proof of your recent achievements. Highlight your successes. This includes good sales or good management, which will show why you’re worth what you say you are.


  • Don’t let a question like ‘what are salary expectations?’ throw you off. Find out beforehand the salary that you could realistically ask for. Research market rates using sites like Glassdoor or Indeed Salaries for example, or comparative studies carried out each year by consulting firms or specialised recruitment agencies. You will therefore be aware of the average salary for your job, all whilst taking into account the location, size and industry in which you operate.


  • Don’t neglect the advice and expertise that specialised recruiters have in your industry, such as TeamRH for legal and financial professions. They will provide necessary guidance on what you are able to ask for in terms of salary relating to your profile, the client, and the market, which is currently fairly competitive for candidates.


  • If your potential employer asks questions on salary during your interview with them, it’s a good sign. Ask them what they think you ought to be paid for the position. You would be surprised to see that this can often lead to a direct offer during the interview.


  • Make sure that the business wants you to join their team before negotiating.


  • Equally concentrate on the value that you would bring with a higher salary. Also keep in mind that you can negotiate other aspects of the total package (paid time off/title/bonus/flexibility).


  • Try to justify each counter-offer that you make by giving a motive. This may be the living cost in the region, amount of experience, etc.


  • And above all, act openly and honestly. Show that you know your worth and you know what is expected of you.


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