Millennials: how can you attract them to your business and turn them into loyal employees?

September 9, 2019 12:29 pm Published by TeamRH

According to INSEE, the French national institute of statistics and economic studies, Millennials will constitute over 50% of the labour force from 2020. It is therefore essential that, from today, recruiters and businesses understand their profile and their expectations in order to attract them, and more importantly to retain their loyalty. Here are a few tips that are not to be overlooked if you want to optimise their induction.

‘Millennials’ – everyone talks about them but few know what they really are. Indeed, no exact definition of this unique generation, that is universally agreed upon, exists. And there is certainly no consensus on how to attract them to your business, and more importantly, retain their loyalty. Also known as ‘Generation Y’, ‘Millennial’ is the name given to all those born roughly between 1980 and 2000. They are digital natives, born into a world where digital communication (computers, video games, and the internet) is their ‘mother tongue’.

At the very least, we can say that this generation is intriguing. There exist many articles, mostly American, that have been written about the Millennial generation, and in particular ‘How to behave towards Millennials’ in the workplace. Studies have been conducted with the view to find out more about them and consequently work better with them. In concrete terms, everything is happening as though the entire planet should adapt to this generation, unlike the situation for previous generations, where this type of scenario would have been unlikely.

As a recruitment company specialised in legal and tax professions, our clients: lawyers, notaries (solicitors), receivers, in-house lawyers, etc. often share their sometimes total lack of understanding with regards to this destabilising generation. Throughout this article, we will therefore offer a few key points to take into consideration if you wish to attract, and more importantly understand and effectively manage Millennials.

Digitalise your communication

The Millennial generation has grown up in a world where new technologies have drastically changed our habits. To attract generation Y, you will have to perfect your use of Web tools and navigate, like a duck takes to water, through the wonderful (or not!) world of social media. Use Responsive Web Design (with a mobile version), to highlight your job advertisements. Use your social media accounts to publish fun and attractive ads; demonstrate your originality. Even better, give this responsibility to a millennial, nobody will be able to appeal to this generation as well as them.

However, do not be intensively creative. Millennials need to be attracted to your business, but not lied to. They are not easily fooled, and will always look up the information you have given them online. So avoid trying to sell your offer at all costs. This will not work with a generation that prioritises transparency and mutual respect!

Share factual information

Millennials don’t want any fuss or grovelling. The recruiting business will have to be clear, giving the candidate information about the company structure, the position, the main tasks and opportunities for promotion. Millennials will also like to know what their true value within the company will be. Likewise, they will need to be given responsibilities. It is therefore essential to correctly find out what the candidate wants from both the post and the business.

As recruiters, we know that today, the evaluation of candidates’ soft skills is becoming more and more essential in the recruitment process, to allow them to match with the right business, and vice-versa. This concept of soft skills is a priority for Millennials. Take it from an expert.

Be responsive in your communication

The concept of immediacy is specific to Millennials. Do not make yourself too desirable as they will forget you quite quickly anyway. When you have replied to them, to offer them the job or simply an interview, this super dynamic and connected generation will have already forgotten all about you. So if their profile interests you, be quick in replying to them and asking them to meet you.

Focus on training and personal development

Millennials need a clear plan. Training is often mentioned as a decisive element in a millennial’s job search. According to a report developed by Udemy, a global online training and teaching platform, named ‘Millennials in the job market 2018’, 73% of millennials in the world think that they will need extra training to progress in their career. It is a fact that millennials need to stimulate their mind on a regular basis.

Also, millennials need to feel useful and complete tasks which match their values. They make a point of wanting to contribute to the development of society. It is therefore recommended that businesses work on their societal and environmental values if they hope to attract and keep millennials.

Demonstrate flexibility

Keep in mind that, contrary to previous generations, millennials consider work to be a source of fulfilment. And this is also true concerning the possibility of having flexible hours and workplaces. Indeed, millennials care about their work/life balance. The ability to work from home a few days per month to avoid traffic and manage their everyday problems would be considered to be a true advantage. Or even the possibility of sleeping in one Thursday morning but working until 10:30pm. Goodbye to the 9-5 rigidity that their ancestors were so used to. Working instead is becoming a case of ‘Where I want and when I want’.

It must be said that, regarding the workplace, not enough businesses offer teleworking and the ability to work from home even as occasional options. Indeed, these rely on being able to trust your employee above all else, trust being a key word for Millennials. Businesses will therefore increasingly need to put their very traditional approach to work to one side and allow themselves to try out new methods that have worked in many other countries.

In other words, Millennials are part of a generation that know what they want, who are very demanding, and quality-oriented, on the condition they have freedom in their work. They need to be trusted, and this needs to be reciprocated. They stand by their values and do not hesitate to invest themselves entirely in what they believe in. Ready to conduct the interview? If not, we are here to help!


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