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October 12, 2017 4:06 pm Published by TeamRH

The question ‘how can I boost my career?’ is asked by our candidates and / or our customers on a recurring basis. It is true that with the evolution of new technologies, recruitment methods (including the direct approach) and the trades themselves, the question deserves to be raised. Unfortunately, I do not have the possibility to give you a pre-established answer (if only it was that simple!), I will try to give you some ideas.

The context

One morning, we wake up and we drag our feet to work … For us who particularly love our job, this is more than frustrating! For those who regard their craft as “food” above all, the landing is probably less harsh but equally unfortunate. What to do ? Any cling? To resign ? Hang on ? Relativize (after all, maybe it’s a day without)? Trust me, you will find in the bottom of you the right answer. So what to do? First of all, you have to put things flat and identify the reason for the discomfort. It can be a lack of recognition, a need for evolution, a concern for management, a relational problem, too heavy journeys, a “simple” lassitude, desires for something else, etc … In short, once the cause has been identified, it is easier to put in place an effective plan of action.

Step by step

Before thinking of departure, one must consider all possible things to be put in place internally. You can take the time to discuss with your colleagues and your manager if the problem is relational. You can interact with your line manager to work on new assignments or evoke a wish to evolve. Waiting for the annual appraisal interview is not necessarily a good strategy because you do not know the timing of the illness. I do not think you are surprised by the fact that dialogue rules many things! If it is travel or work / personal balance that is problematic, consider a time share or teleworking; Methods increasingly integrated by HR managers in companies. Be that as it may, we must not rush or act under the thrill of emotion. Do not forget that we always know what we lose but we have no certainty as to what we will find! Also bear in mind that a candidate who has changed X times of company is very (often) seen as an unstable candidate professionally speaking (and therefore less attractive). The modifications implemented must be maintained for a sufficiently long period of time. It is not a question of taking them lightly, you must want to invest to make things happen.

The report

Unfortunately, after several months of testing, the finding is without appeal; And the only real solution available to you is a start. The advantage of talking about the upstream situation and trying to solve the problem is that a smooth start can be considered. Your superior will not be able to reproach you for not having tried! With your decision made, you can simply leave your current position hoping to quickly find something else; Or wait until you have received a promise of employment before starting the internal procedures. In any case, the first career booster goes through updating your LinkedIn profile and activating your network.

The place of your LinkedIn profile in a recruitment / research process should not be overlooked. Indeed, we realize that it often occupies more space than the CV of the candidate in particular thanks to its accessibility, its intuitive use, and the fact that it is very complete. Look after your e-reputation; Do not hesitate to “googliser”, for a better control of your image on the canvas. Also make your network work; That is what it also serves (and not only to transmit the coordinates of a member to a loved one in search of a specific competence)! In a second step, you can get closer to a professional capable of referring you to your research; Whether you wanted a position similar to the one you held, or whether you were thinking of a profound professional retraining.

For the first option, a firm specialized in your sector of activity must be chosen. Thus, the consultants will accompany you efficiently in your research, thanks to a thorough knowledge of the market. For your second axis of reflection, the consultants oriented in transition management or outplacement will be very useful to you. Anyway, do not rush into your decision making. A change of position is not necessarily THE career booster. You can find professional fulfillment in the same position by re-adjusting certain axes; And dialogue is the best way to do this.


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