Coaching : Julie-Isabelle BINON adds a new expertise at TeamRH

October 2, 2020 11:01 am Published by TeamRH

Coaching: Julie-Isabelle Binon adds new expertise to TeamRH

Julie-Isabelle Binon has decided to embark on a new venture: coaching. In 2002, Julie-Isabelle founded TeamRH, a recruitment firm which specialises in the recruitment of legal and tax professionals. In this interview we ask her a few questions for those of you looking for a boost in your career or for reliable support when undergoing a change in your career.

Julie, can you tell us about your education in the United States and what it was that made you want to start coaching?

In 1992, I enrolled onto a diploma of Human Resources and Organisational Behaviour at the Anderson School of Management, UCLA.

At that time, coaching was mainly used for training athletes. Several high-level athletes were present on campus, such as Carl Lewis, Marion Jones, and Florence Griffith Joyner. As a result of this, one of my behavioural analysis professors asked us to attend their training sessions and instructed us to analyse the language and gestures used. The coaches were also present at the training sessions.

Today, I recognise that we are at the forefront of coaching as we understand it in its modern context. During class, we did not speak of the “coaching” of these professionals, but instead questioned how one should push their limits and challenge themselves.

What did you do after achieving your diploma?

Once I had completed my diploma, the recruitment sector was an obvious path and I was offered several jobs in the US. However, I chose to come back to France, naively thinking that my diploma would be recognisable in France.

However, in those days, many potential recruitment firms did not recognise this as an accredited diploma. Therefore, I had to start from the bottom and climb up the ranks in the recruitment sector.

In 2002, I created the recruitment firm TeamRH with the objective of becoming a key player in the legal and tax sector.

In November of 2002, a young graduate lawyer named Raphaël contacted me. The interview was a disaster, with the candidate displaying no posture, no critical thinking skills, and no objectives.

During his mock interviews, Raphaël always responded in a negative manner. As such, we spent two hours redoing the interview, building valid arguments, making him aware of the recruiter’s questions and erasing the common mistakes of a starting professional. These two hours were very beneficial and a week later he landed his first job. Today, he is partner at a prestigious firm.

The idea of becoming a coach grew from then on.

In March 2018, a lawyer named Aymeric came to us for an interview. He was in the midst of experiencing a stage of “burnout”.

It can be difficult to put your best foot forward to a future employer and be offered a job if you have a defeatist attitude from the get-go.

Three hours of interview practice were necessary for Aymeric to gradually regain his confidence and get him to ask the right questions about what he was looking for in his future job.

It was after this exchange that I decided to start this new coaching initiative.

How would you define the coaching profession?

The coach is a partner, an ear, they do not judge. They question and raise awareness of the weaknesses of certain aspects of your life. The coach moves the cursor.

Why did you decide to support people by coaching them in their professional life?

I would actually flip the question and say, “why did candidates, initially coming for a job interview, choose to be coached by me?” Maybe it is because of my listening skills, you will have to ask them…

 Do you consider coaching to be a trend or does it correspond to a new need?

Coaching is the newest “trendy” job. It is “fashionable” to be a coach.

There are sporting coaches known as trainers

The “stylist” was there to coach you on your image.

The “dog handler” was an animal trainer

I do not think this corresponds to a new need. People have always needed to “talk to someone else”. However, today’s world is an ultra-informed, digitalised world where everything happens in an instant. In 10 seconds, a piece of data can be scanned by another piece of data and humans no longer have to speak to each other, nor look at each other. How much time have you spent on your phone reading all kinds of information and how much time have you actually “chatted” with your friends, relatives, etc…?

Conversations seem to have come to a standstill and coaching may be a response to our digitalised world.

What qualities are needed to be a good coach?

A good coach is one who can establish a relationship of trust between themselves and the client. The work of a coach and their client is done in pairs, it is a partnership, and so there must be harmony between the person being coached and the coach. If the coach does not feel that they have a good rapport with their client, then they must turn down the job of coaching them.

Confidentiality, the respect of each client, empathy and attentive listening are all essential qualities of a coach.

Who are your coaching services for? 

For all professionals who request the service.

However, this response must be modified slightly since the match between the person being coached and the coach is essential. This allows the coach and the client to work on the objective effectively and obtain the best possible results.

As a recruitment and coaching professional, what advice could you give to the younger generation, to people undergoing a career change or to people who feel the need to take stock of their career?

Sometimes it is better to contact a recruitment professional to seek help in defining your job search, getting help in mock interviews and having the option of being coached, if necessary.

How do you carry out your coaching sessions? What is the duration of each session?

Coaching sessions can be done via Skype or WhatsApp, usually lasting an hour. I initially offer 10 sessions. However, this can vary depending on the problem.

What price do you charge for an individual, group or company coaching sessions?

I only do individual coaching, on a basis of 140€ per session.

Do you offer other HR services for candidates?

Yes, we also offer skills assessments where coaching sessions can also take place…

About TeamRH :

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