Coaching for your business: when to consider it?

February 21, 2020 11:47 am Published by TeamRH

Coaching is no longer reserved for top-level athletes. Indeed, today, and for a few years now, coaching has become a much more common option, both for individuals and companies, than it was previously. Is it a trend? Maybe, but one which seems to be here to stay, and which is readily available for those who decide to try it out. In our very first career coaching article, we have drawn up a list of reasons for which you should consider hiring a coach, whether you are an employee who is keen to develop professionally, or whether you run the company itself.

But firstly, let’s establish what professional coaching really is. It is a form of individual or group support which aims to optimise an individual or a team’s potential and skills. The goal here is to improve the profitability of the business’s activities at large.

In order to reach these objectives as quickly and as efficiently as possible, you can call on a coach, often within the context of a personal and professional approach, or sometimes (and this is becoming more and more often the case), within the context of an approach which has been discussed and agreed upon (and sometimes even paid for) by your company.

So, businesses are choosing to call on career coaches more and more frequently to support their employees, managers or even their teams. And this is proving to work well; the results around us are rather convincing.

8 reasons to call on a coach if you are an employee:

  1. I want to boost or make changes to my career,
  2. I want to be more efficient in the way I work or the way I manage my tasks, objectives or even my teams,
  3. I need help transforming my ideas into rewarding results, both in financial and personal terms,
  4. I want to become a stronger leader and learn to manage people in a more effective way (for team leaders),
  5. I want to learn the best negotiation techniques and be able to value my work in the most appropriate way possible,
  6. I want to increase my income,
  7. I need help in determining the appropriate actions to take in order for me to reach my goals,
  8. I need help in structuring and organising my workday and timetable in order to do more work in less time.

The CEO or manager may also wish to seek the help of a coach for their business, either within the contexts of individual coaching, or strategy consulting, with the aim to improve one’s way of doing business. This option would have a positive impact on the business (and its development).

Here are some of the reasons which may encourage a manager to call upon a coach:

  1. To make sure that your way of managing a team is appropriate for the demands of the situation in question,
  2. To adapt your management style to your colleagues’ personalities,
  3. To learn to delegate (or to delegate more effectively),
  4. To improve your time management skills,
  5. To keep your team motivated, to keep them within your business and to improve their skills,
  6. To learn how to prevent any internal conflicts which may take place, etc.…

Another, very specific coaching style, which is increasingly sought after by companies, aims to coach a team. In this case, career coaching is no longer directed towards one person (an employee or a CEO), but towards a group of employees in a company.

So, in this case, team coaching includes a group of people within the business, very often a departmental team or even the whole company, the relationships between its members and their interactions with each other. The goal is to implement solutions to improve the performance of the team as a whole.

In this manner, the team will find its own way of doing business, and its shared resources will also be optimised.

Here are our 6 reasons (at least!) to call on a team career coach for your business:

  1. To encourage cohesion within your company’s teams (and to develop team spirit through cooperation, kind words, collaboration, support, etc.),
  2. To boost the development of individual or collective potential,
  3. To improve wellbeing within the workplace (and therefore optimise your teams’ loyalty and decrease absenteeism),
  4. To encourage communication between the different generations within the business, or within the department in the company which is being coached,
  5. To resolve disputes and improve relationships between staff members,
  6. To allow the development of a strong and long-lasting company culture.

Company, CEO, manager, or even employee – perhaps it is time for you to call on a coach! As a recruitment agency which is well-informed on the subject, TeamRH is here to answer any questions you may have if you wish to explore this option.


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