Assessment : Margaux’s feedback

September 3, 2020 11:08 am Published by TeamRH

Skills Assessment: Feedback from Margaux’s Experience

Whilst launching a new HR service, which gives candidates the opportunity to carry out a skills assessment, TeamRH met Margaux, a young Marketing Manager of a business unit within luxury department store.

In this interview, she gives us feedback of her experience.


Margaux, can you introduce yourself in a couple of sentences?

Prior to entering the world of work 9 years ago, I studied at a business school because I wanted to work in an international domain which had strong economic stakes. After my initial studies (business, finance, human resources, etc.), I was able to specialise in the marketing sector through internships and gaining professional experience in the sector. Today, I am the Marketing Manager of a business unit within a luxury department store.


How and why did you decide to do a skills assessment?

For several years, I have been contemplating what the next step in my career will be and, subsequently, how best to map out my professional strategy. I was also keen to explore different career paths and to better understand what would best suit me in meeting my professional and personal expectations.


How did your skills assessment go with TeamRH?

I was able to share my opinions on my current situation and my expectations. These were then developed by a professional, which cleared things up for me. I also answered several questionnaires and then discussed the results so that I could get a better understanding of what suits me and what my areas of development in the professional world were. Following on from this, I explored different career paths, as well as keeping my daily personal needs in mind. This allowed me to take a step back and see the bigger picture of my current situation.

Finally, during the conclusion of the assessment I received in-depth feedback. This boosted my confidence as it clarified my project, and the steps I needed to follow to make it succeed.


What did this assessment reveal about yourself? What will you take away from it? How will it benefit you and your career?

I wanted to consolidate my professional project so that I could then share it with confidence and have the determination to bring it to life, step by step. Thanks to the skills assessment, this has been achieved. This assessment has renewed my confidence and re-motivated me. It will also help me move forward more calmly.


Who would you advise to take a skills assessment?

I would recommend it to anyone who feels as though they are at a standstill and who need to give their career a new outlook. I would also recommend it to people who are unable to resolve or take a step back from a current professional problem.


What advice would you give to someone who is still hesitant about taking a skills assessment?

It is a long-term project.


Why would you recommend doing a skills assessment with TeamRH?

A lot of added value was given whilst doing the assessment. For example, attentive listening and in-depth feedback from professionals.


A point to add concerning our follow-up?

Thank you for your valuable advice.

If you, too, feel the need to assess your skills and projects through a skills assessment, contact us now. To view our other HR services, click here.