Quick !! A solid value !!!

April 9, 2019 11:02 am Published by TeamRH

Restaurant Paris 75003 !

An explosion of flavours at a low price!

We love Le Pramil for so many reasons…

You will feel at home: small tables with carefully laid tableware, a friendly and intimate space, and a chef that takes good care of his clients. With a sharp eye and a friendly smile, he treats and spins around his clients. He wants you to feel welcome. Its Alain Pramil’s ‘Le Pramil’.

You can never go wrong: An Entrée – Dish – Dessert menu at a reasonable price – perhaps even unreasonable for Paris: only 34 euros.

Everyone will find what they’re looking for: from the foodies to the small appetites, everyone gets hungry.  A special mention to the Boneless rabbit, artichokes and pepper, and the Kalamata olives: it’s a culinary dream, a chance to escape!

Don’t think twice, come and let yourself be charmed! But a small tip: remember to reserve a table first!

Le Pramil

Address : 9 Rue du Vertbois, 75003 Paris
Phone : 01 42 72 03 60