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The Paid Holidays

The Allocation of Paid Holidays
The working code defines certain rules concerning the allocation of paid holidays. Paid holidays can be taken as soon as the designated period begins. The employee must benefit from at least 12 paid holiday days during the period agreed upon by the employer and the employee. If the number of paid holiday days acquired is inferior to the 12 days, the employee can take them consecutively.
Paid Holiday leave can not exceed 24 days without the agreement of the employer or due to geographical restrictions. In the case of illness the days designated as paid holidays can not be extended or rescheduled without the authorisation from the employer or under particular circumstances outlined in the convention collective which relate to the company.

Obligatory Indemnity Payments
During paid holidays, the employer must pay the employee a holiday indemnity, which may equal:
- the sum that the employee could have earned had he worked during the period,
- or 1/10 of the annual earnings accumulated during the referenced period.
The employer will calculate and choose the payment option that is the most advantageous to the employee.

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