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The Paid Holidays

Definition and guidelines
Whatever the nature of the work contract, all employees benefit from paid holidays once they have completed their first month working for their employer. During the first referenced year (1st June year n - 31 May year n+1), the employee accumulates 2.5 days of paid holidays each working month. However, a mutual agreement between employer and employee can be made to redefine this designated period.
The paid holidays are "open days", meaning that all the week days are counted except Sunday and all non-worked bank holidays. Paid holidays, flexi days, maternity, adoption leave and training periods are counted as working days and are therefore taken into considerations when the paid holidays are calculated.

Taking Paid Holidays
The periods when paid holidays can be taken are defined both in the "convention collective" and by individual companies. It is the responsibility of the employer to define when paid holidays can be taken. The employer is, however, legally obliged to include the months from May to October. The period that the employer will chose will depend on the company activity, the length of service of the employee and their family status etc.
The employee must inform the employer of the days he wishes to take as paid holiday at least one month in advance and these days cannot be changed without the employee's agreement.

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