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The resignation

When the employee chooses to break their work contract it is called a resignation. The breaking of a contract is clearly defined by law. The work law defines the rights and the obligations of both the employer and the employee.

In all cases the employer is obliged to provide the employee with two documents:
- an unemployment certificate which will enable the employee to enroll and receive social benefits,
- a work certificate which states the employee's starting and finishing dates.
Generally the employer provides a further document indicating the payments that are to be made to the employee at the time of departure (redundancy allowance, compensation allowance etc.). This document must be signed and dated accompanied by the written words "reçu pour solde de tout compte". Two copies of this document must be made and the employee must receive one of them. Once the employer has signed this document a two month period follows during which the employee may contest. This protest should be delivered by recorded delivery clarifying the elements with which the employee disagrees.

The breaking of a contract during the trial period
During the trail period the employee is at liberty to break their contract without having to respect any formalities or notice period. The employee's work contract or trade union can provide advice on any formalities or notice periods.

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