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The permanent contract

Suspension of or modifications to the contract
The contract can be suspended by the employee for several reasons (illness, maternity leave, an accident, absence due to personal reasons, industrial action) or by the the employer in case of disciplinary dismissal, economic reasons or in the case of short-term work. This period can be paid or not depending on the circumstances. The employer may suggest the modification of one of the elements of your contract (location, working hours, payment or job profile).
If it is for economic reasons, the employer is required to inform you of this by recorded delivery letter. This letter must stipulate that you are entitled to a consultation period of one month during which time you may refuse the modification. Lack of response means acceptance of the suggested modification. If you don't accept the modification, the employer is still within his rights to uphold his decision and dismiss you. The employee thereafter is entitled to a notice period and redundancy payment relating to their office position. The reduction in working hours stipulated by the contract, in application of a collective agreement of reduced working week, does not contitute a modification of your contract. If you refuse any contract modification thereafter, your dismissal should be regarded as an individual case not based on economic grounds.

Change in working conditions
The employer may implement a change in working conditions such as a relocation of the business premises without any increase in travel time allowance. In the case where the employee refuses, the employer can dismiss the employee on disciplinary grounds or misconduct. At any point in time the employer or employee may dissolve the contract under certain conditions. If the action is initiated by the employer it is considered as a dismissal, otherwise the action is considered as a resignation. The employer is obliged to issue the employee with a final pay slip, proof of employment and the necessary papers to claim unemployment benefit.

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