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The permanent contract

By definition the permanent contract is to be regarded by both the employer and the employee as a contract without a time restriction or set finishing date. A written contract is only obligatory if you work on a part time basis or if the relevant union requires it. If you are not in possession of a written contract, any work benefit, of which you are in receipt may serve as proof of employment.

Hiring statement
Following successful recruitment, a written statement must be made outlining the starting date, relevant social security references, address and contact number of the business and a job profile.

Requirements of a work contract
The contract must be drawn up in French. If a foreign term features without a the corresponding French term, an explanation of this term must be provided in French. For foreign workers, a translation of the contract can be provided if required. The work contract must mention your job function, any professional qualifications, payment (salary + bonus), the duration of the probationary period, the required notice period and any conflict of interest clause. The introduction of the Euro will under no circumstances alter your job contract but as of the 1st January 2002, all work contracts must be made out in Euros.

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